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  mobile mechanic cairns

Serving Cairns for over 5 years

Most people think they are getting a good service when they call a Mobile Mechanic.

People beware of AutoKing when shopping for repairs or Service for your car.

This was posted 17/02/2020. I contacted AutoKing 1300 number as I had a concern about a safety Cert that they did on one of my customers cars. I didn't speak with Chris via phone despite numerous times i've called him. Instead i contacted him by email.

The complaint was lower ball joints almost falling out, c.v boots, bump stops and brakes that the mechanic they employ passed as safe, they immeadiately passed the buck onto the Mechanic that wrote the Roadworthy, fair enough, they sent me a complaint form that was a waste of time as they had no intention of following up.

I look after my customers so I reported the safety Cert directly to the Department of Transport. With my communication with Chris from AutoKing he threatened to get 30 Plus members of his staff to write bad reviews about my business.

So I checked his reviews. Please follow this link to check his reviews 

This is a screen shot of the email sent to me by Chris of AutoKing

Email from Chris @ AutoKing 17/02/20

As you can see he uses threats to flood my Google Business with fake reviews.

I have contacted Google about this and was told he would be in violation, and they know where reviews come from.

Beware of AutoKing

My reviews are based on Customer satisfaction, AutoKing uses reviews against his competition. I have screenshot his email and posted it on my Google listing as an advertisement and will update it everyday with one of his 232 bad reviews. Sure i said a lot of nasty things to him as i have a zero tolerance for dickheads. I'm not saying anything bad about AutoKing but I urge you before looking for a Mobile Mechanic to follow the link and judge for yourself.

What he has said in the email he sent me is slander and will be dealt with by Australian Law.